Leaving Las Vegas – CES 2011

Samsung Video Wall

Samsung video wall at Las Vegas McCarran Airport

Each year I highly anticipate and enjoy attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).   However, I am reminded of the advice and recommendations of a colleague of mine at Insight Media, Mr. Ken Werner.  When a few years ago, I asked Ken his recommendations on covering CES, he remarked that of all the events he attends, CES is the only event that is physically painful to cover.  As I sit at the gate at McCarran Airport waiting to return to Denver, I find that that it’s time to down a Motrin or Aleve.

When I arrived at Las Vegas McCarran Airport, I was confronted with a large video wall display supplied by Samsung (see photos and video below) as I descended the escalators to take the train to the main terminal.  This 627 square foot, quad-high-definition display consisting of 100 tiled Samsung 40 inch diagonal LCD displays was staggering.  This was just a hint of the scale of the products and developments to be seen during the week at CES.

Since arriving in Las Vegas on Tuesday morning I have been moving nonstop with brief breaks to sleep, and meet with clients, vendors, developers, exhibitors, journalists, as well as old and new friends.  Thankfully, after a few lean years owing to the global economic meltdown, CES, as well as the economy, are showing signs of an economic rebound.  It is about time.

I note that my personal observations and business results during the fourth and final quarter of 2010 reveal that the economy is indeed ascending again.  Holiday selling season sales were up somewhat likely owing to the fact that folks are weary of deprivation and are again ready to spend some of their hard earned money.

However, to make the recovery stick and accelerate we need to drive job growth and employment.  By jobs, I mean that we need to put people to work whether in temporary or permanent positions.  By employment, I mean we need to see folks be offered and accept jobs with companies that have a commitment to maintain their employment, to grow their business, and in so doing grow the economy.

Many images and new product developments from CES 2011 come to my mind and camera.  At the WRT Associates website and for Insight Media, I will be discussing some of my findings and analysis from Las Vegas.  As I am leaving Las Vegas, I look forward to a new decade in which the global economy moves away from the casino approach of the prior decade and turns forward to a more sustainable approach that will offer improved opportunities and prospects for all citizens and participants.

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