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Seabird Concept

Mozilla Lab Seabird mobile phone concept

I finally caved in and picked up a smartphone.  I am pretty happy with the device (Samsung/Verizon Fascinate) although I need to find the time to become familiar with the Android OS, set up my email accounts, and more.  Just as I adopt a 21st century mobile phone, I find that mobile device concepts are continuing to evolve.  Mozilla Labs has recently released an interesting new mobile device concept developed by Billy Mays (not that Billy Mays).  The concept device shown below is futuristic, but given the capabilities of today’s smartphones, really not too far fetched.

The Seabird mobile device concept emphasizes how user interaction might evolve with advanced motion capture and emerging optoelectronics technology such as embedded picoprojectors.  The Seabird concept includes the use of multiple picoprojectors and imagers for both color display output and projected keyboard input, as well as motion capture for gestural navigation and manipulation of content in 3D space.  Mozilla Labs have illustrated their Seabird concept in a well-produced video (below).

While I am still working to find time to make good use of my Android smartphone, once I master the feature set, I expect that newer models, perhaps building on some of Mozilla Labs’ Seabird concepts will be available for my next upgrade.



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