WRT Associates Announces New Report on Green Photonics: The Role of Optoelectronics in a Sustainable Future

WRT Associates (www.wrtassoc.com) announces the availability of a new report entitled “The Role of Optoelectronics in a  Sustainable Future.”  This report was authored by Phillip Wright, Ph.D., Chief Analyst and Managing Director at WRT Associates,  LLC, and Consultant with the Optoelectronic Industry Development Association (OIDA).  The Green Photonics report package is being made available through WRT Associates, LLC with the cooperation of OIDA.  The table of contents, lists of figures and tables, and an excerpt of the Green Photonics report is available here: Excerpt The Role of OE in a Sustainable Future.

The Green Photonics report provides a detailed analysis of the role of optoelectronics components, modules and solutions for product applications that generate or conserve energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce pollution, yield an environmentally sustainable outcome, or improve public health.  Product applications and markets covered in the report include photovoltaics, solid state lighting, ultraviolet disinfection, optical data transport and processing, optical sensors, low power displays and green optoelectronic manufacturing.  The global optoelectronics market for 2008 was $356 billion.  The green photonics share of the global optoelectronics market is estimated to have been 8.1%, or $28.9 billion in 2008.  Green photonics technology is already making an impact.  This impact is expected to accelerate quickly over the next decade.  The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for global optoelectronics for 2009-2020 is forecast to be 3.1%.  The green photonics share, however, is expected to grow at a very encouraging 19.6% annually.  These growth rates translate into $493 billion in revenue for optoelectronic components by 2020, of which $261 billion (or 53%) will be the green photonics market share.  Near term, the overall global optoelectronics market is forecast to decline by 1.4% in 2009, while the green photonics market is expected to  grow 26.5%.  The Green Photonics report provides a comprehensive overview and forecast of market opportunities and growth for optoelectronic technologies in the new green economy.

WRT Associates are making the Green Photonics report available in a package with 2 hours of consultation with the author to discuss the contents of the report and related topics.  Consulting conferences can be held by phone, web conference, or at the  customer’s site at added expense.  The report will be delivered electronically in PDF file format and is available now for $995 by emailing info@wrtassoc.com or by calling +1-970-219-8800.

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