Heads Up on a New Microdisplay Application

As always, the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) brought to light a number of new product introductions. One product that caught my eye this year was the Micro Optics Display (MOD) Live product by Recon Instruments.

MOD Live Micro Optical Display System

The MOD Live is a microdisplay equipped Android-based system that integrates with ski goggles available from manufacturers including Smith Optics, Scott Sports, Uvex, Alpina, and Briko. The MOD Live is intended to provide skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers, and other outdoor sports enthusiasts with real-time data acquisition and display capabilities. MOD Live utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS), accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter and temperature sensors to provide skiers and riders with speed, jump, vertical, altitude, location, distance, and temperature measurements and readings in real-time. MOD Live also offers smartphone connectivity and onboard applications.

Recon Instruments also made headlines directly following CES 2012 when the firm announced that it had “secured a $10 million Series A investment from a group led by the venture capital firm Vanedge Capital, with participation from Kopin Corporation, for the purpose of further commercializing its proprietary technology.” Kopin Corporation is a well-known manufacturer of liquid crystal microdisplays. Recon Instruments’ MOD Live product represents an interesting new market application for microdisplays.

The MOD Live product and its capabilities were shown in an early hands-on review at The Verge and are perhaps best illustrated by a couple web videos.

Source: Recon Instruments

Source: Forbes

A helmet cam and Camera Connectivity app from Contour that will integrate with the Mod Live has also been announced. Darcy Hughes, Chief Marketing Officer Recon Instruments says, “The Camera Connectivity app transforms our display into a view finder, allowing skiers and riders to setup shots without taking off their goggles or gloves.” Recon also promises a SDK (System Development Kit) that will enable developers to offer additional applications for the Mod Live.

With the Contour HD cameras available for $299.99 and $499.99, and the MOD Live priced at $399 plus the cost of a compatible set of goggles, the system is not inexpensive. However, for the dedicated outdoors enthusiast, MOD Live offers the kind of high tech solution that was formerly available only to Navy Seal teams. The Recon MOD Live system points the way to new and expanding applications for microdisplay technology.


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