SID Display Week 2011

This week I and many of my colleagues will be in Los Angeles attending the annual Society for Information Display Week (May 16-20, Los Angeles Convention Center).  In addition to the technical sessions of the SID International Symposium, I will be attending the Business and Investors Conferences and hope to fit in some time at the Green Displays Conference.  It will be a full week with all this and many meetings with company representatives and longstanding colleagues from the display industry.  While at SID I will be covering several product and technical areas for Insight Media including touch screens, plasma displays and OLED displays including 3D.  I will be looking particularly for innovations providing better display energy efficiency and for developments that impact mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

In addition to displays, the SID Symposium in recent years has extended its coverage to include advances in solid state lighting.  I am looking forward to Tuesday’s Keynote by Shuji Nakamura which should be an interesting reflection on the expanding role that light emitting diodes (LEDs) play both in back lighting of liquid crystal displays and the expanding solid state lighting industry.

As I list the events and topics to take in here at SID I realize it is going to be a long and interesting week.  If I bump into some interesting developments to share, I will try to find time to put some of the highlights up on this site later in the week.

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