WRT (With Repect to Technology) Associates LLC (WRT) provides technical consulting and market analysis for many new and emerging high technologies.

WRT Associates offers:

  • In Depth Domain Knowledge
  • A Thorough Approach to Analysis
  • Quick-Turn Effective Communication of Actionable Information

If you and your business require solid technical and market information concerning emerging high technology opportunities please contact us by telephone at +1-970-219-8800 (US Mountain Time Zone) or by email at info@wrtassoc.com.

WRT Associates offer in depth Domain Knowledge in the following market and technology segments:

Optoelectronics, Optics, Displays, Display applications, Touch sensors, High brightness light emitting diodes, HBLEDs, Organic LEDs, OLEDs, Solid state lighting, SSL, Solar photovoltaics, PV, Medical optoelectronics, Wireless handsets, Mobile devices, Image sensors, Camera phones, Camera modules, Wireless networking, Wireless device applications of optoelectronics, Semiconductor materials and devices, Nanotechnology, Carbon nanotubes, Organic electronics, Printed electronics & displays, Flexible electronics, Electronic paper, Electrophoretic displays.

WRT Associates are capable of filling several Functional Roles in their expertise domains including:

Technical Consulting, Intellectual Property Assessment, Patent Infringement and Validity, Expert Witness, Market Research and Analysis, Financial Analysis, Worldwide Industry Coverage, Technical Assessment, Business Opportunity Assessment, Identification of Industry Experts, Team Building, Business Development, as well as Company Assessment, Acquisition and Integration Assistance.

WRT Associates strive to enable and deliver key Customer Outcomes including:

Investment gains, Understanding, Insight, Intellectual Property Protection, Actionable Information, Business Planning and Redirection, Reengineering, Vision, Direction, Basis for Decisions and Actions, New Opportunities, Market Expansions, Product Line Expansions, Reduced Costs, Higher Profits, and Partnering Opportunities

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